Absorbent meat pads – Dri-Fresh

Dri-Fresh® absorbent meat pads (also used for poultry) combine easy handling and excellent appearance to provide cost-effective absorption for food packages. The Dri-Fresh® range offers absorbent meat pads as well as absorbent pads suitable for poultry.

Dri-Fresh® absorbent meat pads are available in a range of colours, absorption levels, shapes and sizes to suit all applications. Single-sided or double-sided pads are available.

Dri-Fresh® absorbent meat pads can be integrated into any packaging format to provide innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions.

  • Absorbency grades of 800cc/M2, up to 26,000cc/M2, with other absorbency levels available on request
  • Highly effective, low cost absorbency for meat and poultry
  • Standard colours of white, black, blue, green and cream.
    Other colours are available on request
  • Available in any size, shape or configuration, including slit rolls

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