Ovenable absorbent pads – Dri-Fresh Supreme

Dri-Fresh® Supreme ovenable oven pads are designed as a dual purpose absorbent pad. Firstly, they offer effective absorbency in the pre-packed state, then they come into their own during the cooking process. This is when they will absorb fat and juices released which result in cleaner, crispier, healthier food and safer easier handling.

Dri-Fresh® Supreme™ absorbent pads are suitable for use in high-temperature packaging operations andcan be used with skin packaging/MAP, thermoformed packaging, combining the necessary temperature-resistance & absorbency.

Dri-Fresh® Supreme™ absorbent pads can be used in ovens & grills at up to 200OC.

They can be made to custom sizes in order to suit the various trays manufacturers are using. Odour absorbency is an option.

Dri-Fresh® Supreme™ absorbent pads are available in a range of absorbencies to suit a variety of applications, as well as in a range of different colours including black, white & silver.

  • Effective absorbency before and during cooking
  • Dri-Fresh® Supreme™ pads are recommended for use in oven and grills at temperatures up to 200oC
  • No need to remove the absorbent pad before cooking
  • Cook the food in the tray reducing consumer handling
  • Healthier, crispier and cleaner foods
  • Can be used in skin/MAP and thermoformed packaging

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