Growing media for microgreens, herbs, mustard, cress etc. – Sow And Grow

Sow-And-Grow® mats are a pure cellulose material designed for use as a growing medium with cress, mustard, herbs and more.

Sirane’s Sow-And-Grow® is designed as a replacement for peat. Its highly open structure encourages root penetration and healthy rapid growth. It is typically used in conjuction with plastic trays, but also in other ways.

Sow-And-Grow® mats are derived from pure cellulose. The open mat structure enables easy root penetration and water retention. Unlike other materials used for growing, it has low levels of microbial contamination. This avoids the potential introduction of unwanted pathogenic microbes into domestic or commercial situations.

Sow-And-Grow® mats are 100% natural, 100% compostable, and come from a 100% renewable source, so they tick all the environmental boxes going.

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