Absorbent pads which change colour in contact with liquid – Safe-Hold Alert

SAFE-HOLD™ ALERT – absorbent pads which change colour when any liquid touches the surface. Used as part of a compliant packaging solution, they alert the user to any leaks in samples. Pads can be made in any sizes/shape, and we can offer a range range of absorbencies to suit all applications.

SAFE-HOLD™ ALERT pads are used as the absorbency requirement in specimen transportation, as part of the UN3373 requirement. When the packaging arrives at the lab, if the pads are white, there is no problem, but if the pads are red the lab technician is alerted to the fact that they need to handle the sample with care. Will save time in unpacking samples and increase efficiency in the lab.


  • A brand new development, and a world’s first
  • Available in a wide range of sizes offering different absorbency levels
  • Bespoke sizes are available
  • Changes colour when the pad comes into contact with liquid
  • Can be used in conjunction with 95 kPa bags and specimen transport bags for a complete solution
  • Can be used in conjunction with Safe-Hold absorbent pouches and Safe-Hold 95 kPa bags
  • Can be incorporated into our single-tube 95 kPa bags with integrated absorbency
  • Helps keep laboratory staff safe
  • Increase efficiency – samples can be processed quicker

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