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  • Anti-microbial/anti-bacterial absorbent packaging for meat, seafood, fruit
  • Thinking-Packaging from Sirane
  • Absorbent products including pads/soakers
  • Cooking bags from Sirane - oven, microwave, BBQ & sous-vide
  • Protective packaging including sticky boneguard and shank-caps
  • Sirane's new food packaging catalogue
  • Sirane's new medical & healthcare division catalogue
  • Sirane's horticultural packaging catalogue
  • Thinking-Cooking retail range
  • Oven and microwave packaging bags and films

Sirane's Divisions

Sirane is specialised in absorbency and absorbent materials, oven-ready and microwave-ready cooking materials, shelf-life extension, nylon and much more. We are a UK manufacturer based in Telford, Shropshire, with a network of agents and distributors covering much of the globe, and we can ship anywhere in the world. To get started, first choose a division.

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Some of the sectors we offer solutions for include....