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  • Absorbent pads for cheese
  • Absorbent cushion pads for soft-fruit
  • Siralon nylon food packaging
  • Liners, mats and pads for seafood/fish crates
  • Thinking-Cooking retail range
  • Fat-Trap absorbent oven-grill liners
  • Medical & Healthcare range
  • BenchGuard Advanced absorbent spillage protection
  • Absorbent meat and poultry pads from Sirane
  • Oven and microwave packaging bags and films
  • Two-compartment microwave steam-cooking bags
  • Ovenable absorbent pads
  • Ovenable absorbent boards for food presentation
  • Oven or barbecue cooking bag
  • Odour absorbent meat pads
  • Steam cooking bag for oven/microwave with a special vent
  • Steam-cooking bags for the oven or microwave
  • Susceptors for crisping food in the microwave
  • Ovenable food dividers
  • Seafood packaging solutions
  • Meat packaging solutions
  • Packaging for fresh fruit & vegetables
  • Fresh flower packaging solutions

Our Latest Innovations... click for details

  • Lidding film for shelf-life extension
    Lidding-Film for shelf-life extension
  • UV barrier film for cooked meats and potatoes
    UV barrier film
  • Absorbent liner for fish/seafood crates
    New seafood/fish crate liner
  • Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh Ice-Mats for live seafood
    Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh Ice-Mats
  • Absorbent cushioned pads offering protection for soft fruit
    Revolutionary fruit pads
  • Flow-wrap heat-seal nylon cooking bags
    Flow-wrap & heat-seal nylon bags/films
  • Sticky Boneguard
    Sticky Boneguard
  • BenchGuard Advanced
    Spillage protection
  • Oven/BBQ bags
    Oven/BBQ bags
  • Odour absorbent label/patch
    Odour absorbent label
  • Seafresh liners and pads
    Seafresh liners
  • 95 kPa packaging
    95 kPa envelope pouches
  • Fruit and vegetable packaging solutions
  • Thinking-Seafood.com
  • Thinking-Cooking.com
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  • Si-bag.com - steam cooking for oven or microwave