EARTH PACKAGING: Meringue maker claims plastic-free confectionery packaging industry first

Flower & White's plastic-free packaging - an industry first for confectionary

AN award-winning Shropshire meringue maker beat the likes of Mars and Nestle to become the first in the confectionery sector to move into plastic-free packaging – and they did it with the help of Sirane’s award-winning Earthfilm.

Flower & White, which sells gourmet treats globally, launched its Meringue Bites and also relaunched its Meringue Bars using our innovative paper-based packaging.

Leanne Crowther, co-owner of Flower & White with her husband Brian, said: “This isn’t about riding on the bandwagon, this is about trying to move our sector forward so it can win the war on plastic. We know the customers are rightly concerned, and it’s up to manufacturers like us to do something about it.

“We are proud to be the first company in the sector to adopt this new paper packaging, but this is just the start, not the end, of our efforts.”

Flower & White, which sells through Selfridges and QVC, as well as overseas to countries including the USA, Canada, Germany and Australia, has also put other initiatives in place, such as purchasing low-energy equipment and LED lighting.

Group MD Simon Balderson said: “As a company we’re delighted that in the confectionary sector, a company close to our Shropshire headquarters has been the first to take the plunge and move into plastic-free packaging.

“Shropshire has some very innovative forward-thinking food producers, and it is great to see Shropshire-made confectionary packed in a plastic-free solution developed and manufactured just down the road.”

Sirane’s award-winning Earthfilm – now available in standard, barrier and high-barrier, is ideal for anyone looking to remove unnecessary plastics from packaging.

Perfect for a range of dry and moist products – including granolas, porridge oats, grains, health/diet supplements and more, the Earthfilm is a paper-based solution with a heat-sealable coating, which is preformed into a stand-up pouch.

Simon Balderson said: “Earthfilm is a plastic-free solution, a paper-based material with a plastic-free coating which is perfect for a range of products. We can supply it with a range of different barriers, to suit your needs.

“We can supply the material as a flow-wrap film, which is what Flower & White used, pre-formed stand-up pouches (Earthpouch) or as flat 3-side-seal bags (Earthbag).

“If you’re serious about moving away from plastics, then this – and many of the other products in our Earth Packaging range – might be exactly what you’re looking for.”

2018 was a big year for the Earthfilm – our stand-up Earthpouch version received some major industry recognition– it won a Green Apple Award, presented at the Houses of Parliament, and it also secured first place at the prestigious UK Packaging Awards in the Resource Efficient Pack of the Year category.

The Earthpouch was also recognised at the Sustainable Food Awards in Amsterdam, where it finished third in the sustainable packaging category.

Sirane is an innovative development-to-manufacture company, with expertise in absorbency and material science. Specialisms include bags and pouches, absorbent products, shelf-life extension and dual-ovenable products. We have four divisions: food packaging; horticultural; medical & healthcare, and specialis

MD Simon Balderson was one of the speakers at the recent Plastic Free World Conference & Expo in Frankfurt, where our Earth Packaging range was very well received. We’ll be exhibiting again at the 2020 show in Cologne.

Flower & White's plastic-free packaging - an industry first for confectionary

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