EARTH PACKAGING: World first as absorbent fruit pads approved for recycling

Recyclable absorbent pad for fruit - approved by OPRL

SIRANE’S paper-recyclable absorbent pad for fruits has been approved for recycling by OPRL – making it the world’s first approved recyclable absorbent pad.

OPRL has approved the Earthpad suitable for fruit, as paper-recyclable.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Sirane has been known for years now as the experts in absorbency, and innovation. This product combines the two.

“We’re not aware of any other absorbent pad on the market anywhere in the world that has been approved for recycling, so this is a great step forward.

“A lot of fruit is sold in punnets/trays with an absorbent pad, which helps keep the fruit fresher for longer, using EarthPad, the pad insert is now eco-friendly.”

EarthPad is comprised of cellulose absorbent with a paper outer layer applied using barrier coatings, and they are also compostable.

Pads are available in black, white, red and brown kraft.

They are available as regular absorbent fruit pads and as cushioned paper-based absorbent pads – Earthpad Soft-Hold – for protecting soft and delicate fruits.

Sirane has completed further independent testing for recyclability, in addition to OPRL approval, and the pads have received further endorsement by the UK Recycling Association.

Simon Ellin, CEO, said: “Having read the positive results of the repulpability and recyclability testing, according to EN 13430, I am happy to endorse a paper recyclable pad composed of a cellulose absorbent layer with paper applied top and bottom.”

Sirane is a packaging development-to-manufacturing company with expertise in absorbency, board and flexible packaging. We have three sites in the UK, with additional manufacturing in the Czech Republic, Mexico and the US.

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