EARTHBOARD: Make plastic-free tree shelters part of your tree-planting programme

Plastic-Free Tree-Shelters

SIRANE’s plastic-free tree-shelters are a sustainable, recyclable and compostable alternative to traditional plastic tree-guards. With tree-planting season about to begin, make sure you tree-planting is sustainable…

Our Earthboard tree-guards use unique water-resistant board, additionally coated to give all the properties required to last outside for many years.

More than 2 million trees are planted every year in the UK alone – meaning a massive amount of plastic could be removed from the environment.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Drive up and down any motorway in the UK, and you’ll see plastic tree guards, and it’s not just motorways, they are everywhere… well we can now offer a viable alternative.

“Our shelters have been in development for a while, with design alterations along the way to ensure they survive in the wild for as long as is needed.”

Tree-guards are commonly used to protect young trees. They are generally left in place for at least three years and need to resist all weathers.

The inside of the guards is white, and helps create a micro-climate.

Simon Balderson added: “Another benefit of our Earthboard tree-guards is that they don’t need to be collected at the end of their life. They will last the requisite amount of time in the wild but eventually just rot away into the soil. In larger woods and forests, this could save a considerable amount of time and manpower as people don’t need to be sent to collect them.”

There is also another cost-saving to using Earthboard tree-guards – they are supplied flat-packed, and just fold into shape – meaning many more tree-guards can be supplied on just one pallet, cutting delivery costs.

Our tree-guards are supplied in green as standard – but could be supplied in almost any colour – and can also be supplied with custom printing/branding if required. Standard sizes are 60cm, 90cm, 1.2m and 1.5m.

They can also be bought in small quantities from our shop at Field & Fare.

For more information, email Corissa Haycock, sales executive, at or visit our website which is

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