MACHINERY: A semi-automated pouch-filling system, the M7 Lite

Semi-automatic pouch-filling system

A SEMI-AUTOMATIC pouch-filling system has been added to our machinery range, aimed at companies looking for a first step away from manual packaging.

The M7 Lite offers an entry-level system for companies on a budget who won’t have the volumes to justify a fully automatic system – such as our M7 Pro.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “The M7 Lite is a great alternative for anyone looking to speed up their packing process without going fully automated.

“It will run with a wide range of pouch formats – including our award-winning paper-based barrier pouch, the Earthpouch, and recyclable plastics.”

The M7 Lite semi-automatic pouch-filling system is ideal for packing a range of products such as coffee, confectionery, vitamins & supplements and more.

Users can pack up to 15 bags per minute with just one operator.

We also offer a fully-automated pouch-filling system – the M7 Pro – for anyone looking for more capacity. The M7 Pro will pack up to 40 bags per minute.

Simon Balderson added: “The investment needed for an automatic pouch-filling system means you need to be filling at least 500,000 pouches a year to justify it. The M7 Lite offers a lower-cost means of semi-automating the system.”

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