Meatsaver/Crepe paper – Sira-Flex

Sira-Flex™ meat-saver paper is a pure cellulose-based paper with excellent wet-strength, controlled absorbency and particular air-permeability properties. As a result of these properties, red meat does not discolour when it is placed in contact with the paper – the meat will retain its colour. Sira-Flex™ meat-saver paper does not stick to meat and does not tear when removed from the meat. Sira-Flex™ meat-saver paper is often used to line meat presentation trays in butcher’s shops or in-store and on delicatessen counters.

Sira-Flex™ meat-saver paper is usually offered in cut sheets or reels. Black and peach colours available. Sira-Flex™ crepe papers are designed as low-cost, low-absorbency non-linting pads or sheets for fish, meat and poultry.

Sira-Flex™ crepe papers are particularly popular in seasonal poultry packaging, where Sirane can offer traditional diamond-shaped sheets amongst several other sizes.

A choice of grades is offered.

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