SIRANE GROUP: Newly-formed PACBAR to distribute Sirane products in Germany

PacBar will distribute SIrane products in Germany

SIRANE is working closely with a newly formed packaging distributor in Germany with ambitious plans for the future – PACBAR.

PACBAR GmbH, based in Troisdorf (North Rhine-Westphalia), will offer more than 5,000 items, including many packaging solutions supplied by Sirane.

They will have a particular focus on sustainable packaging solutions but will have access to all Sirane’s product range – and will also be offering our cooking bag solutions under their Ready Fresh Now brand.

Many of the items offered by PACBAR will be stored in the central warehouse of their partner Papstar GmbH from Kall.

PACBAR will offer customers in Germany fast delivery times, future digital processing via the B2B customer portal, and a range of products from a strong network of partners at home and abroad – including Sirane.

The faces behind the PACBAR team will be well known to some customers in Germany already – Ralf Heiermann (managing director) and Florian Heymann (sales and marketing manager) had been working with Body Products and have worked with Sirane in Germany for many years.

Karl Heggarty, head of global sales, said: “We’ve known both Ralf and Florian for many years now, and have no doubt whatsoever they will deliver success for PACBAR. And through PACBAR, Sirane’s products will be available to customers across Germany and Austria, helping Sirane to access new markets.”

For more information on PACBAR, visit their website

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