SIRANE GROUP: Sirane opens up manufacturing in the Czech Republic

The business park in Hranice where Sirane C&EE

SIRANE has opened a new manufacturing site in the Czech Republic which will serve our growing customer base in Central and Eastern Europe.

Sirane CEE is based in Hranice, a small town in the eastern part of the country, within easy reach of the borders with both Poland and Slovakia.

A general manager, Michal Šedek, has been appointed as well as sales team members, and production is scheduled to begin by February.

Sirane MD, Simon Balderson, said: “Our new site in Hranice is a key part of our expansion plans for the next few years, and will allow us to have manufacturing within easy reach of much of Central and Eastern Europe.

“The location is ideal, situated in the heart of Europe, with excellent transport links, and we’ve been able to recruit an excellent team, starting with Michal and more recently the appointment of members of the region’s sales team.”

Sirane CEE will offer everything that Sirane does in the UK – absorbency, flexible packaging including bags, pouches and films, and board-based products. Initially our manufacturing in Hranice will be focused on our absorbent products.

Sirane’s absorbency range includes absorbent pads for meat, seafood and fruit, ovenable pads, compostable pads and much more. Our flexibles range includes plastic-free pouches and films, cooking bags, recyclable pouches and films and more, while our board range includes a wide range of products such as salmon boards, cake boards, pizza boards, susceptor boards, plastic-free tree-guards.

Karl Heggarty, head of global sales, added: “Having spent time with Michal in the Czech Republic recently, and visited trade shows with him, I am certain we’re in good hands, and Sirane CEE will go from strength to strength.”

The new site in Hranice will complement Sirane’s existing operations in Telford (UK), Guadalajara (Mexico) and Cape Town (South Africa).

Sirane CEE will be exhibiting at Embax Print in Brno from February 15-17, 2022.

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