EARTH PACKAGING: London Packaging Week an opportunity to see Earthpouch with window…

Earthpouch Duo

SIRANE’S recyclable paper-based plastic-free Earthpouch is now available with a window – and London Packaging Week will offer a chance for people to see the new version of this award-winning packaging for themselves.

Our Earthpouch Duo is a plastic-free recyclable stand-up pouch with a window – which is something customers have been asking for.

Peter Ralten, Sirane’s chief commercial officer, said: “The Earthpouch is a great packaging solution which has proved to be very popular, it’s paper-based which means it can be recycled in the paper recycling stream.

“But some customers want visibility of their product, and out of paper this proved to be a real challenge – but we have now achieved this.

“Not only that, but we can offer customised window shapes, and windows front and back, and the visibility of the product is excellent.”

The Earthpouch is an award-winning plastic-free stand-up pouch which is suitable for a range of products including coffee, confectionery, cereals/granolas and more, as well as for some non-food products.

“It is heat-sealable,” said Peter, “and our special coatings give the required barrier, which in many cases is as good as or better than some plastics.

“And the pouch can simply be placed in the paper recycling bin.

“We even offer eco-friendly printing, with water-based inks and adhesives, so if you’re after a sustainable stand-up pouch, this is as good as it gets.”

The Earthpouch Duo was shortlisted in the final six at the Eco-Pack Awards at Packaging Innovations in May where it was presented on stage.

Sirane has also recently launched a co-packing service – Sira-Pack. We are able to offer services including pouch-filling, and the Earthpouch Duo is one of the packaging solutions customers will be able to choose from.

Sirane will be at London Packaging Week at the Olympia, London, from September 21-22 – find us on stand H12. We’re also exhibiting at Plastic Waste-Free World in Cologne, Germany, from November 9-10.

We’ve also just opened a new manufacturing site in Grand Prairie, Texas, which can offer stand-up pouches to the US market made in Texas. The Earthpouch Duo will be among the many products offered.

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