EARTH DAY 2022: Is it time to rethink your packaging and look at Earth Packaging?

Earth Day

EARTH Day is the perfect day to rethink your packaging choices – and look at our range of sustainable packaging solutions, Earth Packaging.

Everything in our Earth Packaging range is either compostable or recyclable and is either paper-based, board-based or bio-material-based.

Our range includes our plastic-free recyclable barrier pouches – Earthpouch, and our plastic-free recyclable barrier film for flow-wrap – Earthfilm.

However, plastic-free won’t work for everyone – and we can also offer a range of recyclable plastics, which are our RePEat range. These materials can all be recycled as part of the PE recycling stream.

From our Earthboard range we offer paper-recyclable salmon boards, which can be used in conjunction with our recyclable RePEat vacuum pouches.

We also offer a range of other recyclable coated boards including cake-boards and cake-collars, patisserie boards and ovenable boards.

Even our absorbent pad range has sustainable options – which include our paper-recyclable Earthpad as well as our compostable absorbent pads.

We have our twisted-handle paper-grab bags – a sustainable shopping bag – as well as our RePeat recyclable and reusable insulated bags.

Bio-materials on offer include compostable cling-film and shrink-film.

And we can even offer eco-friendly printing– our flexible packaging site uses environmentally-friendly water-based inks, coatings and adhesives

Interested in our sustainable packaging solutions? Sirane will be at Seafood Global in Barcelona next week, and then Packaging Innovations, Birmingham, from May 25-26 and Plastic Waste-Free World in Atlanta from June 8-9, as well as the World Travel Catering Expo in Hamburg from June 14-16.

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