MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE: Anti-slip absorbent floor mats endorsed by top surgeon

Anti-slip absorbent floor mats from Enaris

ANTI-SLIP absorbent floor mats from Sirane – now available through the NHS Supply Chain – have received the endorsement of a top UK surgeon working in the Spire Group.

Brian Bradnock FRCSOrth said the mats were the perfect solution for anyone looking at getting to grips with a wet theatre floor – and creating a safer working environment.

Mr Bradnock, explaining the mats’ benefits, said: “All theatre users will be aware of the numerous wet patches that are on the floor; these are usually caused by surgeons!

“The wet surface around the scrubbing-up sinks and around the operating table represents a significant slip hazard. The latest anti-slip absorbent mat from Enaris addresses this problem. The mat adheres to the wet floor and absorbs liquids spilling onto it.

“This provides a much safer environment to work in. “

The disposable mats were developed with the safety of staff and the comfort of the user in mind. They help keep floors clean, dry and slip-free in a number of areas within the hospital, including operating theatres, scrub areas and maternity.

Sizes listed with the NHSSC are 84cm x 102cm (NHSSC code VWL312) for our superior mat (also available on a roll 84cm x 30.5m – VWL311) and 58cm x 100cm (VWL313) for our standard mat. Our superior mat, which is orange/white, absorbs 5L per sq metre, while standard (blue/white) absorbs 3L per sq metre.

We also recently  added a standard mat, 58cm x 50cm (VWL314) and a standard roll (VWL315). All products are available to order now from the NHSSC.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, Enaris MD, said: “We’re getting very positive feedback from a number of trusts, who tell us the mats are used and appreciated in a variety of places. Excess fluid can be a problem in a range of locations within a hospital.

“The feedback from Brian Bradnock – a very-well respected surgeon – is further testament of how effective the Enaris mats are at solving a very real problem in theatres.”

Anti-slip absorbent floor mats help improve turn-around and reduce cleaning times, are safe for staff to stand on, and even help prevent fatigue due to their cushioning.

Another happy customer is Sharon Fletcher, clinical lead nurse for theatres, fertility and procedures at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. She said: “We have used the absorbent floor mats in our operating theatres; they have been very useful as we were able to put them down on an already wet surface and they didn’t slip at all.

“They were very absorbent and were great for our obstetric theatres. We have been really happy with this product, finding them a safe and easy product to use.”

To arrange free samples of the anti-slip absorbent floor mat, contact national sales manager James Hemmings on 07483 984622, email, or contact the Enaris customer services team on 01952 230055.

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