Compostable/recyclable cake-boards – Earthboard

Our Earthboard Eco-Friendly Cake Boards are coated boards, and are commonly used in the bakery industry. An aqueous coating gives the board the necessary grease/moisture resistance.

Common colours include black and white. Other colours are available on request – non metallic colours only.

Standard sizes (circular) are 6in, 7in, 8in, 9in, 10in, 11in & 12in diameter, but custom sizes are available. Also available square, hexagonal, oval, rectangular etc.

Generally supplied as 1500 or 2300 micron thickness.

Options include scalloped edges and embossed surface, and custom shapes (such as Valentine’s Day hearts) are available.

Ovenable versions of this product are also available.

Key Features

  • Wide range of cake boards
  • Plastic-free solution
  • Recyclable
  • Any size, range of colours (non metallic) available
  • Options include embossed surface
  • Custom shapes available
  • Heat-resistant board available
  • Other options include scalloped edges
  • Standards are 1500 and 2300 microns

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